EQT Mid Market

The EQT Mid Market fund invests in middle market buy-outs and growth equity investments in companies with strong market positions, solid growth platforms and ambitious owners. The typical equity investment ranges between EUR 40 million and EUR 75 million in Northern Europe and between EUR 40 million and EUR 100 million in Greater China and Southeast Asia.

Commitments by region

Commitments by type


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Company Sector Country Entry Exit
IP-Only Sweden Jul 2013
swiss smile Switzerland Aug 2013
Avenso Germany Oct 2013
BackWerk Germany Jan 2014
China F&B China Aug 2013
I-MED Australia Apr 2014
StormGeo Norway Apr 2014
TIA Technology Denmark Jun 2014
Dataflow China Jul 2014
Musti ja Mirri Finland Dec 2014
E.I.S. Aircraft Germany Feb 2015
kfzteile24 Germany Dec 2015
ELEVATE China Feb 2016
In.Corp Group Singapore Apr 2016
Touhula Finland Apr 2016
GPA Global Hong Kong Mar 2017