EQT V invested in businesses with strong market positions, clear competitive advantages and a strong potential for future sales and earnings growth. Investments were primarily in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Poland.

EQT V sought investment opportunities in connection with corporate spin-offs, succession issues or when families seek a partner for international expansion, larger add-on acquisitions or repositioning of the company. Public-to-private transactions and secondary buyouts were also considered.

Commitments by region

Commitments by type


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Company Sector Country Entry Exit
KMD Denmark Mar 2009 Dec 2012
AcadeMedia Sweden Jun 2010
CBR Germany Apr 2007
Dometic Group Sweden May 2011 Nov 2016
SAG Germany Feb 2008 Mar 2017
Scandic Sweden Apr 2007 Mar 2017
Springer SBM Luxembourg Feb 2010 Aug 2013
HTL-Strefa Poland Dec 2009
XXL Sport & Villmark Norway Jun 2010 Sep 2015
Dako Denmark May 2007 Jun 2012
Securitas Direct Sweden Mar 2008 Sep 2011
Kabel Baden-Württemberg Germany Dec 2006 Dec 2012
Broadnet Norway Feb 2012
Blizoo Bulgaria Oct 2009 Sep 2015