EBITDA: NOK 425 million in 2015
Number of Employees: 284
Sales: NOK 1,418 million in 2015

Broadnet is a leading Norwegian telecom operator and is the second largest datacom operator in the business segment. The Company is a combination of InFiber acquired in 2011 and Broadnet acquired in 2012.

Broadnet is the leading fiber-based datacom provider in the Norwegian B2B market and also serves the B2C market. Broadnet controls one of two optical nationwide fiber backbone networks in addition to a substantial regional and local network. The company owns and operates the most granular fiber network in the Greater Oslo metropolitan area. Broadnet offers fibercom services such as VPN, Internet, Ethernet and Dedicated capacity to both end-customers as well as in the wholesale market. The customer base includes some of the largest Norwegian enterprises in addition to other telecom operators.

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Market trends and drivers

The underlying growth in the Norwegian economy and the fast growing need for higher data transfer capacity, due to new services such as streaming, videoconferencing and cloud services, is driving demand for Broadnet's fibercom products.

Investment potential

Business plan includes a split of the datacom and voice operations into two separate business areas with distinct and focused strategies including standardized product portfolios and streamlining of operations and separate governances. The voice business was sold in 2014.

Broadnet is well positioned to benefit from the underlying growth in data traffic with a corresponding increase in demand for fiber based technology. The strategy for Broadnet is to leverage the strong infrastructure footprint and existing customer base to take the position as the leading fibercom provider in the Norwegian B2B market. Key part of the fiber expansion strategy also includes selective acquisitions of local and regional fiber networks to further expand footprint as a supplement to organic growth.