Roeser Group

Roeser Group is the leading German value-add, manufacturer-neutral distributor of medical supplies to hospitals. Roeser offers tailor-made solutions, including consulting, logistics & procurement services through its 2 business divisions, Roeser Medical & Hospigate.

Roeser has over 900 suppliers, providing more than 800,000 different articles to its customers and generates nearly 100% of its sales in Germany.

Roeser was founded in 1918 and is headquartered in Essen, Germany.

To Roeser Group

Market Trends and Drivers

Recent acquisitions have strengthened Roeser's market leading position and the company can now serve customers such as purchase groups and large clinic chains, on a nationwide basis.

Investment Potential

The investment rationale for the Roeser investment was the company's stable underlying market growth and its market leading position in Germany. There were also various growth opportunities through increased penetration of the customer base and geographical expansion.

The business plan includes the extension of the product and service portfolio, the roll out of a private label strategy and growth through add-on acquisitions.