Number of Employees: 800

Sitecore is a global leading provider of customer experience management software enabling its customers to drive business performance through context marketing. The company has approximately 800 employees and more than 4,600 customers globally.

Founded in 2001, Sitecore has emerged to become one of the global leaders of customer experience management software. The company has continuously innovated its product offering and has expanded from pure web content management software to customer experience management software allowing Sitecore’s customers to personalize and tailor content to individual visitors. Thus, Sitecore is providing a compelling product offering at the core of the broader digital marketing software market which is expected to experience continued attractive growth.  Sitecore generates approximately half of its revenues in North America and one third in Europe.

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Market trends and drivers

With its products, Sitecore is targeting the customer experience management software market as well as the broader digital marketing software market. Both markets have experienced attractive growth in recent years driven by the increasing need to have a holistic view on customers as their journeys become more complex and span across multiple channels.

As a result, marketing activities are becoming more targeted and increasingly personalized for individual visitors which has driven demand for more sophisticated and automated solutions across industry verticals. As many companies are still not capturing the full potential from customer experience management and digital marketing, these markets are expected to experience continued momentum as companies mature further.

Investment potential

EQT’s value creation plan is focused on driving further subscription revenues, continued innovation and expansion of Sitecore’s product offering through R&D as well as potential acquisitions to maintain the company’s leading market position. EQT will also support the management team in further driving operational excellence.