swiss smile

swiss smile is a leading quality dental chain in Switzerland. Founded in 2002 by the dentists and entrepreneurs Dr. Haleh Abivardi and Dr. Golnar Abivardi, swiss smile today operates eleven clinics in Switzerland and has franchises or joint ventures in Russia and India.

swiss smile is positioned in the medium to upper price segment and offers a walk-in concept with maximum availability and flexibility. swiss smile provides a full range of dental care and services and differentiates itself through a strong brand, high medical standards, convenient opening hours and a modern infrastructure. In addition, swiss smile has its own cosmetic products range in a joint venture.  

Both in Switzerland and internationally, swiss smile has won several prizes for its innovative concept, exceptional services and excellent quality.

The company is headquartered in Zurich and employs around 240 people (incl. support staff and attending dentists). EQT has acquired a co-control position in swiss smile, with the founders remaining in the majority.

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Market trends and drivers

The Swiss dental care market is characterized by stable growth and a high degree of fragmentation. The market for dental care is divided among more than 4,500 dentists. In 2012 the Swiss dental care market generated CHF 3.9 bn in revenues and is expected to grow steadily at around 1.7% per year until 2018. While dental chains today only have a combined market share of below 5% in Switzerland, market analysis suggests, that the share will substantially increase during the next few years. Increasing investments in technology, a growing demand from patients for more flexible opening hours and from doctors, especially female dentists, for flexible working-models, are supporting the growth of chain concepts. In addition, 25% of the 4,500 dentists in Switzerland are planning to retire before 2020, thereby creating a need for ownership change in many clinics.

Investment potential

The key investment attraction in swiss smile was the opportunity to invest into a market leader, which is well positioned to drive market consolidation in a stable and steadily growing market for dental care, while leveraging its strong brand name and business operations as a platform.

The development plan for swiss smile focuses on the expansion in Switzerland through the acquisition of top quality clinics, often with a high degree of specialization, as well as strengthening of the current platform to support swiss smile’s accelerated buy-and-build strategy, further scaling up and integrating the current clinics and promoting customer retention and up- /cross-selling.